Do You Support Clients in Transition?

Do your coaching/counseling clients feel lost and confused about their future direction?

Are they in transition--ending an important phase of their life or stepping into a completely new era? If so, it's likely their friends and loved ones are giving them advice or pressuring them to take actions that are counter to your clients' inner truths.

In your role as a coach / counselor, your clients reach out to you to support them as they sort out their situation, make sense of their circumstances, decide what actions to take, and find a way to continue moving through this difficult time as effectively as possible.

On a good day, you are clear, your questions are helpful, and you feel good about the outcomes your clients are experiencing.

At other times, you feel in over your head, not sure where to go with your clients nor how to support them in their journey.

If you are an experienced coach or counselor, you may have the basics, but you are looking for ways to deepen or enhance your work with clients.